As a leading provider of fingerprint core technology, UnionCommunity has setbenchmarks for a user friendly fingerprint product line from OEM modules to finished products for Access Control, Time & Attendance, Door Lock, Home Automation Solutions with its top notch proprietary fingerprint algorithm and technology.

Our fingerprint recognition access control systems (VIRDI Series), first launched in 2000, have been recognized by leading security companies and installed in high-end apartments and homes throughout Korea. 
Offering a higher level of convenience and security than other access control systems, our VIRDI Series has become the most popular access control system and Time/Attendance system for national organizations and private companies. Today, UnionCommunity is the leading company in fingerprint recognition access control systems. Furthermore, UnionCommunity is growing into a global company, exporting the VIRDI Series to about 80 countries in Worldwide.  

UnionCommunity is pursuing for the new paradigm in biometric industry and customer satisfaction with its market proven expertise and core technology.

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